10 Piece Hot Tub Floor Protector, Protective Pad Set For Spa and Pump


Buy Hot Tub Floor Protector To Protect From Rough Surfaces And Ground Debris

To enhance energy efficiency & control damage, our 10 Piece Protective Pad Set for the Spa and Pump is perfect for any hot tub setup. Decreasing the amount of heat lost through the bottom of your spa, hot tub flooring is an easy method to keep your heating bill at a minimum whilst providing additional security against waste on the bottom surface under the tub. 

With a simple design, the 10 pieces easily slot together to create your circular hot tub floor protector, and the extra square piece holds your hot tub pump unit secure from scrapes. 

It contains 10 pieces - 9 for the hot tub and 1 for the pump. The round spa protector comes with a size of 2.1 m (83 Inches) in diameter and the square pump pad measures 40 cm x 50 cm (15.5x19.5 Inches)

Non-slip & easy-clean, this hot tub floor protector is the ideal hot tub floor surface as well as an ideal hot tub base pad for your hot tub.