2023 Year A1 Stratified Wall Calendar, Planner, 85cm X 58cm (2 Pack)


Buy 2 Pack Stratified Wall Planner with Stickers and Dry Wipe Pen

This 2 PACK 2023 planner is printed to last for more than 12 months. The calendar will always be in the same place every year, so you will never forget to buy one again! With a wipe-dry pen and sticker dots supplied, this planner is perfect for anyone who wants to plan with style.

The 2023 Year A1 Stratified Wall Calendar, Planner is sold in packs of two. The planner is a generous 850mmx580mm (33.5" x 22.75") with writing space for each day, public holidays, a pen, and sticky dots.

This is a 2023 year planner that has been designed to be unmounted and laminated. The large size makes it excellent for home, office or school use. It can manage 13 months starting from January 2023 through to January 2024.