20ft Union Jack Decorative Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bunting Flags 12x8 inch


Buy Union Jack Decorative Party Bunting Flags For Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Rectangular Decorative Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bunting Flags 12 pennants per bunting. 

The total length of the British Flag is 6M (30CM X 20CM) which is long enough for decoration.

The England flags are the perfect decoration for any patriotic-themed events & parties. Widely used for patriotic UK flags, UK national day celebrations, royal-themed wedding parties, queen's platinum jubilee celebrations, queen's birthday parade, etc. 

UK flag bunting is great for homes, offices, courtyards, schools, bars, clubs, restaurants, markets, and all kinds of parties, etc.

Our durable synthetic UK flag banners are made using a screen printing process on hardwearing, smooth rayon fabric ideal for banner manufacturing. 

Patriotic style themed bunting is displayed more frequently in official residences, you can also use it in homes, offices, balconies, room walls, colleges, and universities. 

Displaying this British-themed bunting banner is an integral part of pride English events and ceremonial activities, indoor and outdoor garden parties, stadium & community events, British sports, and funeral British souvenir gifts.

  • Quality Materials

The England flags are made of rayon, not paper or plastic bunting, It is rayon fabric and does not fade easily. 

  • Bright Colors

Great for a virtual street party. ideal for indoor as well as outdoor decoration & parties. 

  • Double Side Printed 

The union jack buntings are printed on both sides. good quality, bright colors, length was great for using on the walls & tables. 

  • Premium Quality 

The combination of premium rayon & bright color is, great bunting set for patriotic occasions. Strong enough for reuse.