3 Pack Window Fly Screen, Super Fine Mesh, 130 x 150cm


Buy Robust, Waterproof, and Simple Quick Fit Window Fly Screen, Easy-Stick Adhesive Tape Includes that Keeps Bugs Out 

Introducing the 3-Pack Window Fly Screen - the ultimate solution to keeping pesky bugs and insects at bay while allowing fresh air to circulate freely in your home. 

Upgrade your living space and create a healthier indoor environment with these easy-to-install window fly screens.

Product Features:

  • Super Fine Mesh: 

Designed with a super fine mesh, these window fly screens effectively keep bugs and insects out, providing you with a bug-free living space.

  • Quick and Easy Installation: 

The installation process is a breeze - simply cut the screens to your desired size and effortlessly fit them to your windows.

  • Robust and Waterproof Design: 

Built to last, these fly screens feature a robust and waterproof design, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

  • Easy-Stick Adhesive Tape Included: 

The package includes Easy-Stick Adhesive tape for a secure and hassle-free fit, making the installation process even smoother.

  • Ample Coverage: 

Each screen measures 130 x 150cm, providing ample coverage for standard windows, and giving you peace of mind with effective insect protection.

  • Versatile Use: 

These window fly screens are not limited to windows - they can also be used for doors and other openings, offering versatile bug protection throughout your home.

  • Color Options: 

Available in both black and white, choose a color that suits your preferences and seamlessly blends with your home décor.

Upgrade your home with these 3 Pack Window Fly Screens and enjoy bug-free living while embracing a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Say goodbye to insect nuisances and revel in the joys of an insect-free indoor environment.