3 Tier Foldable Heated Clothes Airer, 300W, 1.8m Cable, White


Buy 3 Tier Foldable Heated Clothes Drying Rack for Indoor & Outdoor

  • Dry Your Clothes With Ease

The 3 Tier Foldable Heated Clothes Airer is a free-standing portable clothes airer that provides an effective way to dry your clothes for when you need them in a hurry or simply an effective way to keep your clothes dry for when they come out of the washing machine. It features a height-adjustable design and a very useful cable length of 1.8 meters allowing it to be used in many spaces including small apartments!

A 3 tier clothes airer that folds up and is easy to store with the bonus of being able to use it all year round. This is a great, space-saving alternative to your usual drying rack - perfect for those with limited space or who want an effective way of drying their clothes quickly. It comes with a 300W heater which will dry your clothes quickly and effectively on cold winter days.

  • Economical

This 3 tier heated clothes airer Drying Rack is the latest clothes airer on the market! It costs just pennies to run, and with thermostatically controlled bars that won’t overheat, it's also a lot kinder to your clothes than running a tumble dryer, and more efficient than laying laundry over your radiators.

  • Convenient

Keeping your clothes drier is not just a convenience: it's a necessity for anyone who has ever come home to find their kitchen or hallway filled with the damp smell of laundry that hasn't dried. That's why we've designed this heated clothes airer with 13m of space and 15kg capacity.

  • Versatile

Take the hassle out of drying clothes with this clever design. The shelves are designed to fold down or up on one or both sides and can be positioned to suit your load. You'll find it's great for drying small loads of clothing and various other items. You can dry T-shirts, socks, or larger items over the rungs, lay delicate clothes flat to avoid stretching, or hang sheets and bath towels over the top without touching the floor.

  • Lightweight

Designed from lightweight aluminium with side supports, it’s easy to move and position the way you want it. And because it folds down to just 10cm deep, you can slot it into a little gap in the side of furniture or against a wall at home, ready to use whenever you need it. it’s ready to spring into action throughout the winter months, or whenever the weather isn’t cooperating.

  • Great Design

If you’re fed up with your clothes drying out slowly because they’re clogging up the radiators, our 3 Tier Outdoor Clothes Airer is just what you need. The aluminium alloy heats up quickly so all you need to do is place your wet clothes on the 3 tiers and enjoy dry results in no time. This airer is lightweight, foldable, and easy to store in any room, making it perfect for anyone with limited space.

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