2024 Family Planner With Shopping List, Memo Pad and Free Pen


Remembering dates and events are difficult things. Therefore, the 2024 family planner can help you with this. Family planner calendar comes with different columns in a vertical format. Thus, buy a family planner calendar for 2024.

You can live your life more freely and be organised by the 2024 family planner calendar. Furthermore, you can offer the 2024 calendar with a shopping list online on the 1Above platform.

Product Specification of Family Planner Calendar

  • Weight of the product- 340 grams
  • Colour- multicolour with different prints
  • Format of the product- wall family calendar
  • Columns- 5
  • Speciality- given red dots on the holiday and small stickers
  • Size of the product- 36 Cm × 33 cm

Features of the 2024 Family Planner Calendar

  • Family planner calendars are very slim and lightweight. Although, you can hang it on the wall
  • You will get a free pen, memo pad, adhesive dots and stickers
  • Family planner calendars are suitable for all residential places, schools and offices.
  • Use a calendar for remembering events, dates, holidays and baby showers. Here you will provide 5 columns for each person. Children, adults and teenagers. You can prepare your shopping list in this.
  • Now, buy 2024 family planner with the pen from any online website.