Percussion Muscle Massage Gun, LED Touch Screen, 6 Massage Heads (Black)


1Above percussion muscle massage gun online is designed to give you amazing massage in the solace of your home. It delivers up to 3200 percussions each minute, yet contains the noise at an extremely low level. It is appropriate for use in exercise centers, sports clubs, homes, and offices. It can be used anywhere, making it easy to enjoy the massage. 

There are 6 customizable speed levels for every individual and their different requirements. Buy a percussion-led touch screen massage gun from the 1Above E-Shop!

Product Specifications of Percussion Massage Gun 

  • Professional Percussion Massager Gun: This massage gun can successfully calm muscle fatigue and soreness, promote blood circulation, alleviate lactic acid, and allow you to partake in the comfortable experience brought by the massage gun. 
  • Adjustable Speed and Long Battery Life: The massage gun has various speed levels, from low to medium to high, bringing different intensity massage experiences. It has an ergonomic silicone handle design that can prevent slipping and make it simple to have a strong grip. It has a long battery life of 2200 mA lithium-ion battery and it can last for 3 hours. 
  • Pain Relief: It is a cordless massage gun. It has 4 massage heads to target specific muscle groups for quicker recovery. It is simple and helpful to eliminate and affix massage heads in a short time, which will give you a relaxing massage experience. 
  • Easy to Handle: The massage gun uses the most recent technology in noise reduction. Indeed, even at the greatest speed level, the massagers would not surpass 45db. The design is simple and it is easy to handle the massage gun. It is ergonomic and comfortable enough to fit smaller hands as well.
  • Lightweight and Full Body Relaxation: Unlike massive back rub weapons that are weighty and hard to use, the 1ABOVE massage gun is extremely lightweight. You can massage all the corners of your body using this to reduce pain and soreness and to relax your body.