Electric USB Rechargeable 2 in 1 Bug Zapper & Swatter, Super Bright LED Light


Buy USB Rechargeable 2 in 1 Bug Zapper, Swatter, Mosquito Killer for Indoor & Outdoor

Introducing our USB Rechargeable 2 in 1 Bug Zapper and Swatter, designed to keep your surroundings bug-free with ease. This versatile device combines a powerful bug zapper, an electric bug swatter, and a super bright LED light, making it an essential tool for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product Features:

  • 2-in-1 Functionality

Equipped with both bug zapper and electric swatter functions, this device offers a comprehensive solution to keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay.

  • Super Bright LED Light

The built-in LED light is exceptionally bright, offering illumination in the darkest corners while also assisting in attracting bugs to the zapper.

  • Advanced Bug Zapping Technology: 

Utilizing advanced technology to attract and effectively zap bugs quickly, providing you with a bug-free space.

  • High-Voltage Grid for Efficient Bug Elimination: 

The high-voltage grid swiftly exterminates flying insects, making your surroundings bug-free with ease.

  • Safety First with Protective Cage: 

Equipped with a protective cage to ensure your safety by preventing accidental contact with the electric grid.

  • Eco-Friendly USB Rechargeability: 

Easily rechargeable via USB for your convenience and to promote an eco-friendly bug-killing solution.

  • Long-Lasting Battery for Extended Usage: 

Enjoy hours of bug-free environment thanks to the long-lasting battery, providing uninterrupted bug zapping or swatting.

  • Compact and Portable Design for Any Setting: 

Designed to be compact and portable, allowing you to use it indoors and outdoors, ensuring bug protection wherever you go.

  • Chemical-Free and Mess-Free: 

Eliminate bugs without harmful chemicals or mess, offering both swatter and zapper functionalities for your preference.

  • Perfect for Various Outdoor Activities: 

Ideal for camping, hiking, and outdoor relaxation, providing you with bug-free outdoor experiences wherever you are.

Keep your space bug-free effortlessly and in style with our USB Rechargeable 2 in 1 Bug Zapper and Swatter. Experience a bug-free life wherever you are!