Non-Toxic, UV & Water-Resistant Sticky Fly Traps with Tweezer, 41 Pieces


Buy Sticky Fly Traps with Tweezer, Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Plants and Ideal for Garden, Farm, and Greenhouse use

Introducing our comprehensive solution for efficient fly control and pest management: the 41 Pieces Sticky Fly Traps with Tweezer. Whether you're dealing with pesky flies indoors or protecting your outdoor garden, farm, or greenhouse, this set has got you covered.

Product Features:

  • Effective Fly Control

Contains 20 sticky traps, 20 ties, and 1 tweezer, providing a total of 41 pieces for thorough fly control.

  • Double-Sided Super Sticky Adhesive

The traps feature a double-sided design with a super sticky adhesive that captures flies and prevents their escape effectively.

  • Easy to Use

Conveniently cut the traps to your desired size and effortlessly hang them up in areas where flies tend to congregate.

  • Tweezer for Hassle-Free Use

Comes with a tweezer for easy placement and removal of traps, ensuring a hands-free experience.

  • Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic

Crafted from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, these pest guard sticky traps are safe, durable, and waterproof, effectively reducing fruit flies, gnats, and other pests.

  • Long Lasting UV Resistant Adhesive

The traps feature a long-lasting UV-resistant adhesive that won't dry out, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, gardens, farms, and greenhouses.

  • Versatile Application

Suitable for various settings, including indoor and outdoor plants, making it ideal for gardens, farms, and greenhouses.

  • Handle with Care

For best use, handle traps carefully using the tweezers provided. In case of adhesive contact on your hands, easily remove it with vegetable oil.

Say goodbye to bothersome flies and unwanted pests with our Sticky Fly Traps with Tweezer set - a reliable and efficient solution to keep your surroundings fly-free and thriving.