Pond Protection Netting Kit With 6 Pegs, Black


Buy Heavy Duty Woven Fine Mesh Net Cover for Leaves, Bird, And Pond

Protect your pond covers and its inhabitants with the 1ABOVE Pond Protection Kit. This kit includes 6 fixing pegs to secure the netting cover in place, so leaves, debris, and flying predators can't cause any damage. The heavy-duty woven fine mesh netting cover is perfect for keeping your pond clean and healthy.

This net is made from durable, resistant material, and can withstand harsh sun exposure for hours on end. Plus, it's easy to use and spreads easily - perfect for keeping any pesky critters out of your pond.

This soft woven mesh netting is made from high-quality materials and is suitable for any garden pond or water feature. This soft mesh netting is designed to protect your plants and water from pesky birds, without harming them. It is ideal for use around fruit trees or other plants.

This lightweight net floats above the waterline, making it safe for your fish and easy to transport. Plus, it's perfect for keeping pesky critters like raccoons and snakes out of your pond.

This Pond Protection Netting Kit is perfect for winter and autumn when the leaves fall and the pond takes on a more natural look. It is perfect for gardeners, aquascaping, water gardens, waterfall features, DIY, and people who appreciate a tidy look.

This Pond Protection Netting Kit comes in sizes 2x3M and 4x3M.

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