Professional 32 Panel Stitched Training Football - Size 5


Buy Professional 32 panel stitched Training football

Football is perfect for training and recreational football games. Suitable for players of all ages. The ball will deliver deflated. have confidence your next game will be played till the end without pointless breaks. Excellent flexible scraped area,water-opposition, wear-obstruction, great bounce back

Do you ordinarily play on a concrete floor which harms your ball's surface? 32-panel PU material Made of synthetic leather with multi poly-cotton lining with a special layer of latex with the highest air retention fitted bladder. extraordinary control and grasp for incredible players

Indoor & Outdoor Match 

Ball Indoor/ Outdoor/ Club. Great for the regular competition training and practicing your football skills, also it can be a great gift and present for children youngster or for your friends.

Having extraordinary abilities in playing football isn't sufficient, Comes in Blue and Orange color (one ball) our ball has an Anti Slip Texture for more noteworthy control and grip that will amount to your current abilities.