6 Rolls Brown Parcel Tape for Packing 48mm x 66m, Strong Box Packaging Tape

  • A high-quality, robust brown packaging tape produced in Europe is perfect for use in system analysts and users' business environments for e-commerce warehousing packing boxes, moving cards and other carton boxes, and manufacturing processes.
  • Free Polypropylene rolls 48MM wide x 66M (Metre). Brown plot tape is 45 microns thick and can be supported for long-term use, long-lasting holding strength, making it excellent for long-term boxes. The 3-inch carton core is ideal for the majority of tape weapons.
  • Our tape is produced for longevity! These rolls may be stored for years without loss of adhesivity or strength. It's never going to be yellow! So it's the greatest choice for you, whether you need it frequently or occasionally!
  • These rolls feature a high-strength adhesive, which allows them to remain longer. They adhere well to most carton kinds. Perfect for work situations requiring a severe workload.
  • Six rolls of brunette of high quality (BUFF), simple to unwind with very little noise, and highly durable. Excellent brown wrap tape isn't costly!

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