4 Gang Way Power Adapter, Multi Socket Mains Strip White Extension Lead UK Pin Plug And Cable


Buy 4 Gang Power Adapters Online Today From the 1Above

Have you at any point experienced such circumstances that the cable of your home applications is not long enough while you are cleaning your home or watering the flowers in the garden? 

1Above has come up with a multi-socket power adapter is a great choice for you to use your current applications, giving you a safe power solution for you in your home, office, or garden. Buy 4 gang power adapters online today from the 1Above website! 

Things to Keep in Mind:- 

  • Keep the package far from kids.
  • Try not to use it in wet conditions.
  • Try not to surpass the maximum load.
  • Completely extend it out before use.
  • Try not to wire directly to the mains.

 Product Specifications of Multi Socket Power Adapter

  • 4 Way Socket: The extension lead is ideally suited for utilizing when you just have one application that needs to power, for example, monitor, PC, printer, espresso machine, etc. It is ideal to use in your home, workplaces, or even outside in your garden with a waterproof box if you want the power.
  • Lightweight Design: The smaller and lightweight design allows you to transport your electrical cord around the house or office, additionally having the option to put it behind your work area or on the floor which saves space and doesn't get in the way.
  • 4 Meter Length: This expansion lead features a 4M length cable, ideal for broadening the length for other application leads which the link isn't sufficiently long to charge different applications from distance in a huge office or room.
  • Children Protection: Built-in children care clasp can bring less heat and power resistance, which shield kids from unforeseen electric shock if kids insert their fingers into the fitting attachments. The anti-thunder protection feature ensures that there is more safety for the appliances.

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