Home Safety Socket Covers, Child Proof Plug Socket Protectors/Guards Pack of 24

  • Safety protection: This socket covers has coverage with protection for your child. It would prevent any accidents and electric shocks. This safety cover ensures the rich out of children from home’s electric sockets. 
  • Sound quality: These safety socket covers with a solid white color. It can cover the socket blend placed in your house. It can keep your home safe for children. 
  • Easy installation: You need to insert the safety cover in your unused sockets. This plug protector would firmly fit down in sockets. These electric outlets would keep your baby safe from shocks. Hence, you don’t need to worry if you get out of the room. 
  • Cheap and affordable: This baby socket covers safety can give you a bigger bang to your buck. It gets childproof in your home, garage, vacation home, office, grandparent’s home, hotel room, and more. Hence, you would not take any risk for your child.
  • Safe materials: For you, the baby’s safety comes as the biggest priority. You need to use these baby-proof safety covers to make more safety and peace with your mind. These all get prepared with flame retardant ABS material. The UK plug guard will create sockets insulated for dual protection. It also non-toxic and proves harmless material to offer a safer environment for babies and children. 

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