Garden Caddy Basket With Carry Handle, Multipurpose Cleaning Caddy


Buy Large Garden Caddy Basket with Strong Plastic Carry Handle for Gardening Tools

This spacious Garden Caddy Basket is the perfect solution to organize and transport all your Garden Tools around your Garden.

Garden Caddy comes in size 36x29x25 cm and with its smooth shaped handle is easy to grip making it the ideal for carrying tools or harvesting fruit and vegetables from your garden.

This Garden caddy organizer is not just for Gardening tools. It can be used for storing items around your home such as in the bathroom, Cleaning Products, or even as school classroom organizers.

This Garden Caddy Basket has 2 spacious storage compartments. All of these are perfectly sized offering plenty of storage for Gardening Tools and harvesting fruit, and vegetables from your garden.

This sturdy, portable Garden Caddy Basket is easy to clean, easy to carry, and can load plenty of things! 

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