45M PVC Coated 4 Arm Rotary Dryer, Outdoor Clothes Airer With Socket, Peg bag, and Cover


Buy Outdoor Clothes Airer With Water Resistant Ground Mount Socket, Peg bag, and Cover

  • Great For Everyday Family Use:

The 45M PVC Coated 4-Arm Rotary Dryer, Outdoor Clothes Airer is perfect for large wash loads. This inbuilt socket makes it easy to plug in your electric clothes line so you're good to go straight away. The design of this outdoor clothesline also provides a sturdy and reliable system that can easily withstand strong winds.

  • Features:

The laundry mat is an Airer that is designed for family use with a high-quality and cost-effective product. The frame is weatherproof and the 45M cable is enough for a large family.

It features an outdoor clothes airer that comes in its storage bag, with a cover and peg bag to keep your clothes clean and fresh. The shower head can also be removed and stored in the socket when not in use, which saves you space on the ground. 

  • Easy To Install:

It includes a ground mount socket with prongs and support poles to secure the unit in place on your ground. The installation process is easy without any tools required. Once installed it can easily be raised and opened to allow for more space for hanging clothes on the outside.

  • 4 Arm Rotary Airer:

This is the perfect dryer for the beach, garden, or anywhere that you need a higher capacity and faster drying time. This 4-arm rotary clothes dryer is made of steel construction and has a 32mm pole and 1.90m height which gives it an extra long reach. With a ground socket included in this package, you'll be able to plug your cordless tool into the dryer just like it was plugged into a wall outlet. A peg bag and cover are also included.

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