Large Plastic Round Garden Sieve Riddle Soil Sifter Mesh


Buy Large Plastic Round Garden Sieve for Soil Riddle

Provides Convenience: 

The large plastic round garden sieve can be put to use for separating rocks, twigs, and other coarse materials from soil and potting soil, and digging seeds.

It Is Easy-to-use: 

It can be used to separate objects, like stones - from the soil, compost, and sand, and is extremely effortless to clean.

Design and Quality that is Unsurpassed:

All of our garden sieves for sale are made of long-lasting plastic (BPA-Free), thus they stand up to the test of time and won't crack.

Advanced Design:

Garden mesh sifting pans are stackable, which makes them the most efficient option available. Apart from this, you can save both space and time by stacking garden riddle sieves on top of each other. For larger amounts of soil, it can also be mounted on 2 logs.


The wire mesh made from plastic is sturdy, rust-resistant, and perfect for inspecting and archaeology. Handling is easy with the rounded edge.


A plastic mesh grid with holes measuring 1 cm by 1 cm. The square dimensions are 14 x 4 inches. The mesh grid is made of durable plastic.

Now you can make your garden work easier and faster by buying a large garden sieve online. Moreover, this product provides many benefits, besides the fact that it is cost-effective and made of durable plastic.

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