Black Plastic Garden Greenhouse Gravel Tray, Set of 3


Buy A Set of 3 Black Plastic Garden Greenhouse Gravel Tray For Flower Pots

Are you looking for a way to create a moist, fertile environment for your plants? Do you want to make propagation easier than ever? Look no further than our black plastic garden greenhouse gravel tray set of 3! This tray comes without drainage holes, making it perfect for growing plants from seeds or cuttings in a moist environment. 

This set of three black plastic garden Tray greenhouses comes with gravel trays and propagator covers that are perfect for use with plants from seeds and cuttings. Simply place the gravel in the tray and water it regularly, and you're good to go! 

Our Tray is made of durable plastic and measures 22x18x5.5 cm. It's perfect for small spaces or for customers who want a professional look and feel.

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