7 Piece Green Colour Windowsill Propagator Set


Buy 7 Piece Windowsill Propagator Set Ideal For Start Your Seedlings

Young seedlings are vulnerable to being damaged by changes in temperature and water. Growing seedlings in a seed propagator create the ideal conditions to get your seedlings started and ensure they are ready for the season.

  • Windowsill Propagator Set is Ideal for home growing organic fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs lids are vented for temperature control.
  • The 3-bay windowsill propagator is made of high-quality plastic material and it's very easy to use.
  • The ideal way to help get children interested in gardening from an early age.
  • The size of the Windowsill Propagator Set is 66 cm in length by 18 cm in width by 9 cm in depth.
  • Made in the UK

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