8 Sizes Adjustable Stainless Steel Hose Pipe Clamps Set, 100pc


Buy Pipe Clamps with Z Wrench Ideal for Securing Hoses, Pipes, Cables, Tubes, and Fuel Lines

Introducing our 100pc Steel Hose Clamp Set, a comprehensive solution for securing hoses, pipes, cables, tubes, and fuel lines with ease and precision. This set includes 100 high-quality steel hose clamps in 8 assorted sizes, catering to various applications. 

Product Details

  • Versatile Sizing

8 different sizes ranging, ensuring a perfect fit for hoses and pipes of various dimensions:

    • 10 x 32-44mm
    • 10 x 25-38mm
    • 10 x 22-32mm
    • 10 x 19-29mm
    • 10 x 16-25mm
    • 10 x 13-19mm
    • 10 x 10-16mm
    • 20 x 8-12mm
  • Premium Steel Construction

Crafted from premium-grade steel, our hose clamps are built for strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

  • Secure and Leak-Proof

The precision-engineered design provides a secure and tight grip, effectively preventing leaks and ensuring optimal flow in hoses and pipes.

  • Easy Installation and Adjustment

Designed for DIY enthusiasts and professionals, these hose clamps are easy to install and adjust, making them incredibly user-friendly.

  • Convenient Z Wrench Included

The set comes with a handy Z wrench for effortless and efficient tightening and loosening of the clamps.

  • Organized Storage Case

All 100 hose clamps and the accompanying Z wrench are neatly packed in a convenient storage case, ensuring easy organization and quick access whenever needed.

  • Wide Range of Applications

Ideal for use in automotive, plumbing, and various industrial applications, providing a versatile solution for securing different types of lines and hoses.

Secure, durable, and easy to use, our 100pc Steel Hose Clamp Set with 8 Sizes and Z Wrench is a must-have for anyone looking for reliable hose clamps for their projects.