Clear Plastic Disposable Drink Cups, 180ML / 7 Ounce


Buy Clear Plastic Disposable Drink Cups for Water Coolers, Travel, Camping, Parties, and Events

You should select elegant Glass if you wish to use disposable glass for your weddings. This is an introduction to disposable plastic glass, including their benefits, the numerous varieties we sell, their composition, the uses they serve, and the range of sizes we have in store.

The PLA material may be used to create biodegradable plastic glass, which are frequently used to contain milkshakes and smoothies. There are several lid styles available for smoothie and milkshake glass, including flat lids, dome tops with or without straw holes, and dome tops with no openings at all.

Product Details:

Product Features

These big, multipurpose plastic glasses are composed of sturdy, transparent polypropylene that can be recycled without the use of BPA, making them a practical and affordable substitute for traditional glass drinking vessels.

Outstanding Design

Our lightweight, durable design enables simple product separation, Our cups are 100% BPA FREE and have a beautifully rolled full rim for easy drinking. They are also manufactured of heavy duty, incredibly durable, food safe grade, high-quality transparent recyclable PP.

Many Different Applications

Our transparent plastic party cups may be used for a variety of drinks, including beer, juices, iced coffee, iced tea, bubble boba tea, lemonade, smoothies, parfaits, soda, frozen drinks, mixed drinks, cocktails, frappuccinos, lattes, and more. These mugs are ideal for picnics, outdoor concerts, and gatherings.

Our Brand

At Cat reserve, we always work to offer you the best catering items at the most competitive costs.

Each pack includes 100 multipurpose plastic half-pint cups.


Smoothies and shakes can be served in these glass for takeaway. Our assortment of plastic glasses also includes plastic shot glasses, plastic half-pint glasses, and plastic cups for pint glasses in addition to reusable wine glasses.

You may get beer glasses made of a flexible, recyclable material or reusable plastic pint glasses made of a material known as polycarbonate.

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