Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch, Swimming Pool Puncture Repair Patch


Buy Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch Kit For Swimming Pools And Spas

These Underwater Adhesive Repair kit has been specifically designed to make repairs to a pool while it is still full of water, so you can readily fix any holes or nicks before they start to leak. 

Stop that leak immediately with these quick and easy-to-use stick-on repair patches designed with a special adhesive that glues even underwater. 

Underwater repair patches are great for preventing punctures on your inflatable products such as swimming pools and Spas.

The pack comes with a significant number of sticky patches which can even work underwater, they are sizes 42.3sq cm to protect a good length.

The repair patches can be used underwater to fix punctures and scrapes quickly and simply so you can keep having fun with your Pool, Spa, or Inflatable.

The patches are clear to use, just clean the damaged area of your inflatable, peel off the back of the patch and then neatly stick it down to protect the damaged area, leave it for 30 minutes before reflating your product.

Use across a whole variety of water products great for repairing under the waterline of boat, pool, or spa as well as non-water products such as airbeds.