5 Tier Shoe Rack Organiser, Heavy duty storage unit, Quick Assembly No Tools Required, Holds upto 15-20 pairs


House should be clean and organized. Five Tier shoe rack will help you organize your shoes for making your house look representable. A 5 Tier shoe rack keeps all your shoes in one place and it is easy to find and grab your shoe.

Thus, buy a tier shoe rack for enhancing the look of the entrance door. However, you can buy shoe organisers online from an e-commerce website.

Product Specification of 5 Tier Shoe Rack

  • Tier of the product - 5 Tier
  • Colour of the product - Black & Grey
  • Uses - Shoe rack, Books rack and keeping anything organized
  • Material of the product - Plastic
  • Frame material of product - Metal
  • Size of the product - 18.5D x 70.5W x 75.5H centimetres
  • Weight of the product - Lightweight

Features Of The Heavy Duty Shoes Oraganiser

  • 5 Tier Shoe Rack is the best space provider shoe rack because you can put up to 15 to 20 shoe pairs of men, women, and kids. However, this amazing shoe organizer online takes less space in installation and keeps your shoes in an organized way. This is very helpful for everyone as you do not have to use any tool to put shoes in the rack. You can do it by just sliding your heels, shoes, and belly on it.
  • Furthermore, shoe racks have enough space to provide gaps between your shoe pairs. So that your shoes won't smell because of congested space. As a result, you can take fresh and non-smelly shoe pairs from a  5 tier shoe rack.
  • The Five-tier shoe rack stands without any support and hangs because of its strong material. You will love to buy it at a reasonable price.
  • Buy a 5 Tier shoe rack because it is very lightweight, easy to install, and has a strong pipe which makes it more durable than ever. Importantly, you can wash it with soap and water. Additionally, it will be clean in just one wipe as you do not have to waste your precious time wiping shoe racks for hours.
  • Lastly, you can use a five-tier shoe rack for DIY. For example, you can decorate your flower pots on it. Also, you can enhance the quality of the rack by organizing your novels and books on it. It will look so amazing after lighting or Greenery on it. Besides, it has 76cm in height and 19 cm in width. So, that you can organize your essentials freely without thinking about space.

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