A5 Size Numbered Invoice Duplicate Book, 1-80 Pages


Duplicate Bill Book, Full A5 Size, 1-80 Pages, Numbered For usage at work, home, the office, the store, and the warehouse, create duplicate invoices.

Invoices and receipts are kept in a carbon copy book with pages numbered 1 through 80. Every book has 100 numbers. It is now possible to produce invoice booklets in full color. To let customers recognize you as the seller of their goods, customized with your own brand.

Product Details

  • This "Duplicate Invoice Book" is of high quality and is 205 x 128 mm
  • Includes 80 papers that are numbered from 1 to 80
  • Size ‎A5 (143 x 210)
  • To transfer to a duplicate, use blue carbon copy paper
  • For writing quantity, a description, price, VAT, and total, each page has a rule with an invoice layout
  • The duplicate may also be pulled out if necessary. The duplicate is perforated at the binding edge (205mm) enabling simple individual sheet tear-out, leaving the copied duplicate behind as a record
  • For the security of all information, the booklet format is perfectly bound
  • Includes sturdy board covers on the front and rear for stability and protection on any surface
  • Medium Point Type
  • Different colors of ink
  • Type of Tip: Ballpoint
  • Product Weight 0.14 g
  • Great for usage at home and the office
  • Easy removals with perforated receipts
  • Provided writing shield to prevent write-through
  • Invoice exempt from VAT (perfect for businesses not VAT registered)
  • Children under the age of three should not use. Use only in conjunction with an adult.
  • Customer Reviews, 4.6 out of 5

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