100 Litre Garden Water Butt Set with Stand, Diverter, Tap, T-piece and Flexible Hose


Are you trying to save the rainwater in your garden? If yes, then buy 100-litre Garden Water Butt suits you most. It doesn't require more amount of space and make your corner elegant. Moreover, it comes in an environment-friendly colour as green. 

You would also find some awesome accessories along with it at your doorstep. In addition, you would get an exotic range of amenities with this product. You can get it delivered to your place in affordable ranges.   

What is the best about the slimline 100 litre Garden Water Butt?

  • Weather-resistant Properties: The drum comes with weather-resistant properties. It means you should not feel hesitation to put it outside in the weather. One can throw all thoughts out about the piece of drum getting damaged. Also, you wouldn't need to astonish by the unpredictable weather outside. 
  • 100L of Capacity: Plastic water butt online offers you 100L of the capacity drum. It means one can collect more amount of water in the butt. Easy availability in your outdoor to nurture your garden. 
  • Ease to use the product: Internally, the holes have already threaded for attaching with taps. One would not require any drilling process. You can follow the template for instruction and downpipe for cutting it. 
  • Green Elegant Colour: Ward garden water butt gets with an elegant look to suit your garden. Compact water butt made the drum, especially with green design. You can introduce people to it as a discrete water storage container. 
  • Stand, Flexible Hose, Diverter, Tap, T-piece: The product comes with all accessories already included. You would need all of them in real-time in form of 100 liter water butt kit. The tube gets fitted to all type of taps. Hence, use it in convents way as per your desire.
  • Ward Garden Water Butt: Plastic water butt has a large capacity to store water. Also, the quality of the butt gets high. Also, the butt has water-resistant material. It has an elegant design to increase the scenario of your garden. Green water butt has a professional design. 
  • Dimensions: The product has dimensions of 40 x 40 x 86 cm. it weighs only 4.5 KG.
  • 100L Water Butt Stand: Product gives accessibility with accurate timepieces. You can make use of the base stand. It will allow easy transfer of water in some watering. Also, one can fit it to the downpipe. It will make you do rainwater harvesting and collection.  

Amenities of Buying 100 Litre Garden Water Butt Online 

  • All accessories needed come with the product at the doorstep. 
  • We made this product which could get recycled later on. Hence, environmentally friendly. 
  • The product gets fitted easily. 
  • There's a small footprint that allows it to fit in a confined space. 
  • Excellent reviews from the people.  

Discomfort you might face with ward garden water butt 

  • It has a negligible amount of cons.  

Why choose this plastic Garden Water Butt online? 

Water gets the shortage in all areas. Why doesn’t one store the water from rain? But the problem comes with a storage container. Isn't it? You're all solution comes in the form of 100L garden butt solutions. It's elegant in look and has multipurpose advantages. 

You can use it as per your desire. Also, it admires as a lifetime investment because of the durable property. Why resist such a useful product?

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