Collapsible Laundry Bag with Drawstring Closure, Durable Waterproof Fabric


Buy Durable Waterproof Fabric Collapsible Laundry Bag, Clothes Basket

Our collapsible laundry bags is made of water-proof, tear-resistant, durable fabric and has a dust-proof drawstring closure to keep your clothes safe. What's more, is that they are so lightweight and easy to carry that you can even carry a full basket without hurting your arms. 

It folds into a small and compact size and can be stored anywhere because it takes up little space, making it so easy to carry dirty clothes.

  • Material: 

Our collapsible Laundry bag is designed with double-layer waterproof fabric, which is durable and allows easy maintenance.

  • Portable:

The Collapsible Laundry Bag, with the function collapsible, makes it convenient to carry or keep in a cabinet when not using it. It is easy to fold and store and saves space easily.

  • Perfect For Organizing Household Items

We’re happy to introduce the collapsible laundry bag with drawstring closure, and durable waterproof fabric, which is perfect for all of your household items. It can be used in so many places: your bedroom, bathroom, and kids’ room as a storage basket.

  • Dimensions: 

The size of our laundry basket is 52cm x 44cm x 32 cm and has a capacity of approx. 75L.

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