25x Premium Rubber Coated Metal Hangers, Space Saving Wardrobes Organiser Clothes Hangers


Product Specifications of Rubber Coated Hangers

Space Saver - These black rubber-coated hangers are great for small closets. They take up very little space and are very slim. It is perfect for commercial and domestic use. It is a space saver and keeps your closet organized and strong enough to support a jacket. 

High-Quality Rubber Material - These rubber-coated metal hangers are made of iron wires, and the surface is coated with PVC. They are available in standard size and perfect for both heavy and lightweight clothing that can withstand up to 5KG. It is odourless and durable. 

Non-Slip Model Design - Do you want to protect your clothes from falling? Get these non-slip rubber hangers online. The black PVC coating will prevent slipping, tearing your clothes, and snagging. There are special notches (hooks) to hang every type of garment, dresses in straps, coats, pullover and scarves without sliding. It is an amalgamation of smooth construction and flawless surface that avoid torning your favourite clothes.

Get Extra Storage for Wardrobes - These Rubber coated metal hangers take up less space with a thickness of 0.4 cm and increase storage space in your closet. Find your clothes easily and prevent creasing, which leads you to save time as there is no need for ironing. Also, these rubber-coated coat hangers protect the coat from snags.

Quality Satisfaction - 1Above is focusing on delivering quality products for your everyday use. This rubber coating is harmless and non-toxic and available for both men and women. You can contact us if it is not suitable for you or you have any quality issues. 

Classy Design - Matt black rubber coated finish is an elegant solution to your space. Buy a pack of 25 and organise your closet in style. 

Best for Both Dry and Wet Clothes - These Rubber coated hangers are not for just dry clothes, but you can use them to air-dry wet clothes. The dimensions are 42.5 x 20.5 x 0.4 cm (W x H x D). Buy rubber-coated hangers from 1Above and handle all your everyday clothes.

1Above hope you enjoy using this product and are happy with your purchase!

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