Instant Waterproof Leak Sealant Spray, 400ml


Buy Waterproof Sealant Spray For Roofs, Pipes, Guttering & More

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to seal leaks and repair black pipes and gutting, look no further than our Instant Waterproof roof leak repair spray. 

Simply spray on the affected area and watch as the sealant quickly dries, creating a waterproof and flexible barrier that will keep leaks at bay. 

This Stop That Leak Repair Spray, ready to use, easily seals leaks all around the home, ideal for windows, piping, and guttering around the home, shed, garage or greenhouse.

Quickly and easily spray black gutter pipes, guttering, windows, and roofs for an easy seal option to annoy leaks. Easily spray the flexible layer into holes and gaps. It stays for years, stays flexible, and protects the surface from erosion.

Plus, once it's dry you can opt to paint over it for a seamless finish. Ready to use right out of the can, our 400ml spray is perfect for small jobs around the house. Just store at room temperature and you'll be ready to go whenever a leak pops up.

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