4 Bar Radiator Airer, Lightweight Portable Clothes Drying Rack


Buy A Radiator and Over the Door Clothes Drying Rack For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Aside from any other problems, covering a radiator with damp clothing or towels insulates heat and hinders adequate heat circulation. This will impact any heater, but some, like convector radiators, work by producing hot air currents and will be significantly less effective when coated with damp material.

Furthermore, keeping clothing on convector heaters or storage heaters might be a significant fire danger.

Regarding this item

This Good Quality: 4 Bar Radiator Airer, which is constructed of white-coated metal and has four bars that are simple to attach onto radiators and are perfect for clothes drying rack stuff on wet days, is a terrific addition to any home collection.

Strong & Durable: This 4-bar radiator is constructed of sturdy steel and wire. Each is sturdy steel and covered in plastic to prevent stains and marks on your clothing.

Non-Slip: With non-slip gripping toppers and a safe, intelligent design, you can dry clothes without worrying about the stand tipping over or leaving stains on your radiators. Additionally, it complements the design of any room.

Easy to Install: It is simple to hang and travel and may be hung from a window, balcony, radiator, etc. 

Multi-functional: The hanging clothes airer is a practical and flexible gadget with several uses. Use it to keep socks or baby garments, dry your towels after a shower, or air out things. It functions nicely on window sills, guardrails, passageways, balconies, and bathroom sills.

Extra space: The Airers maximize the available area and offer additional space for towels and clothing to dry.

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