Traditional Square Planter Upcycled Grey, Weather Resistant & Lightweight


Buy Traditional Square Planter Upcycled Grey For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Durable And Lightweight:

  • Square Upcycled Grey Garden Planters plant pots are made from high-quality, weather-resistant, durable, lightweight 100% Recycled PP Plastic materials. It can be coordinated and arranged to create a fantastic display of flowers and plants on a patio, porch, or decking area. The pots are also suitable for use indoors.

Traditional Design:

  • The traditional design and natural colors improve traditional and casual plantings indoors and outdoors. The traditional look of the pot allows them to fit into any setting.

Drainage Holes:

  •  To protect plants from extra water, these pots have drain holes on the bottom. This will help to assure that your plants will not flood with extra water.

Great For A Variety Of Plants:

  • These square upcycled grey plastic plant pots are great for both indoor and outdoor plants. It is used to grow vegetable plants, ornamental plants, herbs or spices, and more.

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