Weed Spray Rose Fan Shaped Watering Can


Buy Weed Spray Rose Fan Shaped Watering Can For Seedlings, Grass, Plants & Foliage

  • A specially designed fan-shaped rose for applying liquid and water-soluble weed control chemicals.
  • It Is Perfect for Spraying and Watering Indoor and Outdoor Plants, Potted Flowers, Orchids, Herbs, Bonsai, and More
  • Rose Watering Cans are perfect for delicate watering around the garden and greenhouse
  • The horizontal shape gives a much narrower window where a more specific application is needed such as flower beds, rows of vegetables, and narrow paths
  • Curved face for even distribution. Graded end fitting can be cut to size for use with a variety of spout sizes
  • It is made of premium high-quality durable plastic materials. 
  • Fits most watering cans 22mm to 25mm Push-In

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