Stationery Cloakroom and Raffle Tickets Tombola Draw Numbered Charity Events Prize Draw Lucky Draw 1-1000


Hey, do you love raffle tickets book, and do you want to buy raffle tickets? If yes, there are many tombola books available online but here you will get the best tombola tickets online from a 1Above E-Shop that is safe and sound. Mentioned below are the details about the raffle ticket book and tombola tickets.

Product Specification of Tombola Raffle Tickets Books

  • Material of the product - quality paper
  • Colour of the product - sky-blue, pink, yellow, purple, dark pink, and sea green
  • Number of tickets - 1000 tickets in one book
  • Uses of raffle ticket book - prize draw, charity event, lucky draw, tombolas, and fetes

Features of the Stationary Cloakroom and Raffle Tickets Tombola 

  • In the package of the raffle tickets book, you will get one, three, six, and twelve different tombola tickets books. All raffle ticket books have different colors but the shades that easy to understand. For example, shades of green, yellow, purple, pink, and sky-blue are available in the package of tombola tickets 
  • Buy raffle tickets because this comes with a security code and different numbers to avoid counterfeit. All books come in patterns.
  • Uses of raffle tickets are many such as on the tombolas, prize draw, charity event, lucky draw, and fetes. Thus, it is very useful and worth buying raffle tickets for everyone who ever organized a prize draw and charity event.
  • The binding of the raffle book is failed in first-class which will make it easy to tear the page. However, raffle tickets books are manufactured with quality material and an easy-to-tear manner.
  • Lastly, tombola tickets online come in 1000 tickets diary form in binding together. Further, you will receive tickets with numbers 1 to 1000 tickets. Which is enough for small tombola events, prize draw, and lucky draw. Thus buy raffle tickets online to save money and time.

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