Zero Gravity Folding Reclining Chairs, Heavy Duty Outdoor Patio Sun Loungers (2)



Buy Zero Gravity Folding Reclining Chairs, Garden Outdoor Patio Sun Loungers

Excellent Comfort: 

Definitely comfortable! During the day, you will feel extremely relaxed in a zero-gravity folding reclining chair. It also allows air to circulate, ensuring that you won't overheat and that you stay cool throughout the day.

Reclining System With Lockable Mechanism: 

Using the reclining chair, you can quickly and comfortably recline into a zero-gravity position with a removable elastic cord that instantly adjusts to your body weight.


Easily portable and foldable, these folding chairs are a perfect addition to your next trip to the beach, park, or your child's next sporting event. Folding reclining chairs provide over 80% sun protection and are an economical option that won't break the bank. 

These Zero Gravity Chairs are Equipped with a Durable Detachable 

Accessory Tray: 

For convenient access, these chairs are equipped with flexible plastic accessory trays that provide the perfect place to place drinks, magazines, tablets, or other small items. Along with the removable tray, it also features two cup holders, a phone holder, and a tablet holder so that you will never be without your favorite beverage or media device. 

Advance Textilience Fabric: 

The chair fabric is thickened and more durable due to the upgraded 550g weight. Despite the summer heat, zero-gravity lounger sets are made from high-quality, all-weather materials that minimize heat transfer.

Stable and Solis Construction: 

The flooding Reclining chair has been upgraded to 6/7 inch tube thickness, allowing for greater stability and solidity. These comfortable, zero gravity folding lounge chairs have a thick steel pipe frame, padded and super elastic strands, and a removable/adjustable headrest made of Textilene Fabric.

Features a high weight capacity of 250 pounds and a flexible, low-wear Textilene fabric to guarantee quality and durability!

Assembled, Ready to Use: 

Starting with the zero gravity recliner, the chairs are fully assembled and folded. To use them, you only need to get them out of the boxes. Once you have them, you can use them and you can take a nice nap.

When you decide to purchase this chair from our website, we are confident that you will be pleased with it. So, don't miss this opportunity to enjoy your summer vacation on the beach with your family and friends with this folding reclining chair.