Multi-Purpose, Smokeless, Unscented, Slow Burning Tapered Dinner Candles


Buy Multi-Purpose, Smokeless, Unscented, Slow Burning Tapered Dinner Candles

  • Dinner Candles 

Dinner candles are a wonderful addition to dinner parties, and these universal, unscented candles are the perfect solution. They can be used over and over again, they will never drip and they last up to 7 hours! 

Our Smokeless Dinner Candles are a fun and easy way to add a decorative touch to any occasion. These candles are perfect for outdoor use or as centerpieces at events. We also make these unscented, non-drip candles perfect for indoor use.

  • Perfect For All Occasions

The tall candles can make any setting feel cozy and welcoming. Slow-burning candles that are perfect for various occasions like dinner dates, parties, Churches, weddings, and many other special occasions!

They can be used as a night light, a table centerpiece, or even a decoration. Get your candles today and watch your dinner date get turned into a dinner date!

  • Unscented & Smokeless 

Our dinner candles are made from high-quality wax that provides reliable and long-lasting use. Our tapered shape provides an easy way to light the candle with one hand, which helps when you need to light candles quickly. Unscented and unsmokeable, these candles provide peace of mind every time you burn them.

Our slow-burning, unscented candles are perfect for emergencies due to their long burn time and low odor. With a tapered design that leads to a natural flame, our candles blend in with any décor.

  • Candle 

High-quality, long-lasting candles that leave a lasting impression every time are hard to come by. Our team is dedicated to providing candles with reliable and quality products. We continue to expand our collections of candles, including our affordable options.

  • Colour

Available in two colors White & Ivory. 

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