Multipurpose Cleaning Caddy Basket with Strong Plastic Carry Handle


Buy Large Strong Cleaners Carry Tray Basket with Strong Plastic Carry Handle

  • Easy Storage Solution

 Collect and transport all your cleaning products around your home with our big cleaning caddy.

  • Plastic Caddy Available With Handle

Our plastic cleaning caddy basket is available with a smoothly shaped handle, the cleaning basket is comfortable to fascinate making it the perfect cleaning products carrier for your home.

  • Multipurpose Home Organizer 

Our handy caddy organizers aren't just for cleaning products. It can also be used for storing items around your home such as in the bathroom, in the garden as a tool tray, or even as school classroom organizers.

  • 2 Spacious Storage Parts

The Cleaners Carry Tray has a 2 side big organizer. It is completely sized offering a mess of storage for cleaning products.

  • Housekeepers Caddy 

The cleaning product transport is a must for any home. Our extensive tray is the ideal cleaning product holder and can easily be stored in your cupboard or under the sink.

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