8 Sticky Paper Fly Catchers, No Fumes No Mess Sticky Tape


Buy Sticky Paper Fly Catchers, Sticky Tape for Catching Them Unwanted Insects 

Looking for a safe and easy way to get rid of flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky insects? Look no further than these Sticky Paper Fly Catchers!

Sticky Paper Fly Catchers are an easy and safe way to keep your home or office free of flying insects. Simply pull out the paper and hang it in place - no fumes, no mess, and no toxic vapors. The sticky head is made of waterproof, super-sticky glue that won't break or tear easily.

They are non-smell and perfect for indoor and outdoor use without any worries. Plus, the red string and paper roll make them easy to hang in place. So keep your space clean and bug-free with Sticky Tape!

Dimension: Height - 2 Inch, Width - 0.8 Inch

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