6Pk Outdoor Citronella Candle in Tin, Mosquito Fly Insect Repeller


Buy Outdoor Citronella Candle in Tin, Insect Repeller Candle

Enjoy the moment with Outdoor Citronella Tealight Candles in bright aromas! These outdoor candles are made with wax and pure Citronella essential oil. The powerful scent of Citronella not only provides a citrus aroma to any garden but is a well-known Insect repellent. 

You can put the natural fly-off candle outdoors, such as gardens, patios, swimming pools, courtyards, beaches, dining tables, etc., to create an environment and drive away from the irritating buzz, giving us a peaceful time on summer nights.

Whether you're reading a book, chilling by the pool, or enjoying the company of your loved ones, this candle can help to improve the ambiance.

It can help you calm the mind and reduce anxiety, to control threats, and enjoy a quiet night. This mosquito repellent candle is perfect as a summer gift. Can be used with our citronella Fragrance - to diffuse a pleasant aroma.

Citronella Candle comes with 6 packs in the tin and burns for up to 8 hours under ideal conditions.

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