5 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan With Remote, 140cm Adjustable Height, 3 Speed Setting, White


Buy Heavy Duty 5 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan With Remote And Extra Wide Cross Base, Oscillating, Tilting

  • 16" Heavy-Duty Cross Base Stand Fan With Remote Control (White)

5-Blade Pedestal Stand Fan features a powerful and energy-efficient Oscillation function that cools larger rooms in no time. Great for larger rooms, the left-right Oscillation function provides greater area coverage with little effort. The Infra-Red Remote Control allows you to control your fan from across the room, providing maximum comfort.

  • 5 Aerodynamic ABS Blades:

The 5 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan with Remote Control helps you cool down during the summer and warm up during the winter. Efficiently moving air from the 3-speed levels, this device effectively scatters more air than a standard 3-4 blade fan and can cool off an entire room. With its remote control and 3 wind options, this fan is perfect for any type of environment, whether it be a room or outdoor.

  • Eco-Friendly:

Best of all, it features only 50W power consumption and CE Approved quality standards to make sure you are always satisfied.

  • Features: 

This fan features a tilting head that allows you to position the cooling air more towards you and is also height adjustable up to a maximum of 1.4m.

  • Easy To Store: 

For all the pedestal fans of minimalism and for those who like to take their home décor a little further. We designed the 5 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan with Remote to be easy to assemble in no time and store for the off-season in a closet, shed, or loft.

Overall Size: 64x64x140 cm

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