4L Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Fan, Mini Water Cooler Fan


Do you like to have cozy environment always? If yes, then you need to switch over evaporative portable air cooler fan. Its an high capacity of the cooling water tank. You can easily control it with help of remote sensing.

Even one can observe the smooth touch panel display. This feature attracts the people to buy evaporative air cooler fan.

You can also call this product a purifier for the air. You can manage its working easily with help of hour timer. Mini portable air water cooler fan proves perfect for the residential and commercial use.

What are the features for portable air water cooler fan?

Guys! You will indeed get impress after knowing features of this evaporative portable air cooler fan.

High cooling efficiency of mini fan:

This product guarantees you to give unexpected air cooler tower fan cooling effect. This portable air water cooler comes with 4L of capacity of water tank. Even you can locate 2 Refillable Ice Box Packs. You know what it’s included in the product when you buy evaporative air cooler fan. You can operate this product according your wish. Here you can observe 3 wind settings. It includes Normal, Natural and Sleep Mood. Even it delivers the 3 Fan settings. For example: it gives Low, Medium and High Speed for fan.

Anti dust filter property of portable air water cooler:

This product has ability to trap the pollutants. In return it gives you breeze with clean air. It delivers the cool water vapor type of airs. It makes one convent to make the air lesser drier. Therefore it can easily improve the skin and sleep of user. Hence, one should surely buy evaporative air cooler.

Adjustable speed and oscillations with mini portable fan:

This product makes you continently adjustable measures. One can observe for 3 speed settings. It includes low, medium and high also. Don’t forget guys to consider about 120 Degree auto swing functions. This rotation will make one to feel cool breeze sitting in any corner of the room.

Portable nature of this evaporative air cooler:

You can locate four castor wheels attached with this product. It allows one to make the movements of portable air water cooler to any area of home. Even its better option for the commercial usage.

Perfect dimensions and other specs portable air cooler tower fan:

(L)23cm x (W)23cm x (H)58cm. It comes with perfect dimensions. Therefore you can easily place it any corner of the house. One can observe for the build in safety cut offs. Even you can enjoy the auto pump shutoffs. It takes place when you have lower amount of water in tank. You can set for the 7.5 hours of sleep timer. Hence, you don’t need to wake up to shut down the cooler in half sleep. Isn’t it great feature to enjoy?

Why you should buy evaporative air cooler tower fan?

One can get down with all structures for portable air cooler tower fan. It’s a perfect way to feel comfortable at any corner of the place. One should surely buy it to make your investment worth.

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