2x2 Protective Bubble Cushioning Wrap for Packaging and Mailing, 300mm x 4m Roll


Protective Bubble Cushioning Wrap for Packaging and Mailing, 300mm x 4m in size. It is one of the best bubble wrap packaging online. It has multiple uses and a convenient design. Use this to protect your delicate items of any shape or size. Buy the protective bubble cushioning wrap from the 1Above website!

Product Specifications of Protective Bubble Wrap Roll

  • All-Purpose Wrap: The protective bubble wrap is designed to cushion and protect delicate and sensitive things. It is an all-purpose wrap and has multiple uses. It is ideal for packages in the post, moving house, deliveries, storage arrangements, and many more.
  • Convenient Design: It is a protective bubble cushioning wrap which has a simple and convenient design. It has a transparent material for simple packaging and item identification; a roll design for simple wrapping and storage when not being used. 
  • Keep Protected within Your Bubble: Keep things solid with this solid and lightweight wrap. It has little air bubbles which can be used to wrap items of different shapes and sizes to provide protection.
  • A Great Resource: It is useful for mailing and delivery rooms; 300mm x 4m size can be utilized for different types of items to help with shielding items from shock and harm because of falls. 
  • Extremely Cheap: 1Above is a cheap bubble wrap that can be used on a variety of products. It is better to use this to wrap the products as it may cause damage during delivery. This may cause a huge loss so it's better to use this bubble wrap.