3 Meter Banana Parasol Hanging Cantilever Patio Umbrella With Crank Handle


Buy Banana Parasol Hanging Cantilever Patio Umbrella, Perfect for Outdoors

The Banana Parasol is the perfect accessory for your outdoor space. The large 3-meter canopy provides ample shade, and you can use it anywhere! It also stores easily in tight spaces because there's no support hole like normal parasols do - so enjoy this amazing product today with its matching color furniture sets from our store.

  • Easy Open & Crank Retch

With its hand crank, the Cantilever Garden Parasol is easy to open and close. The tiltable umbrella provides you with an optimal amount of shade thanks in part to the adjustable all-around swiveling arms that allow for complete customization when it comes time to make yourself more comfortable during your outdoor activities or just enjoy some sun on a hot day!

  • UV Protection & Waterproof

The 1Above parasol is made of 220g/sqm fade-resistant and waterproof polyester with premium PU and UV coating.

This parasol protects against the sun’s harmful rays with its UV coating and waterproof material. With a UPF rating of 50+, it can withstand up to 95% sunlight before fade begins, giving you peace of mind that your guests will enjoy themselves in spite if there is some rain or not!

  • Stable & Durable

The canopy is designed to be stable and durable. It features a large wind vent at the top, which allows cool air to flow through while also ensuring that it stands securely on solid ground with 8 strong metal ribs supporting its frame firmly--making this an excellent choice for protecting your home or business from rain.

  • Widely Use

It is suitable for many kinds of places, such as a balcony, terrace, lawn, coffee shop, hotel, garden, etc. Protect you and your family from the sun and rain in hot summer!

  • Parasol Diameter

The parasol is an excellent accessory for your outdoor living space. With its 300 cm diameter, you can enjoy complete protection from the sun's harmful rays while sitting under this large shade! 

The height when closed measures 233cm and opens up to 272 upon opening it fully so there will be no problem finding plenty of seating underneath or next to wherever needed especially on those hot days where even breathing seems like something difficult tasked only onto others rather than oneself.

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