14 Litre Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box with Lids & Handle, Set of 5


Buy a Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box with Lids and Handle for Home, Office, and Kitchen

For delivering, storing, and distributing goods, the industry's top option is heavy-duty attached lid totes or round trip totes. These industrial quality attached lid containers are made from the toughest grade of plastic and have a storage capacity of 250 lbs. They are durable and long-lasting.

Heavy-Duty plastic storage containers with connected lids guarantee the security of your product, and their molded grip handles facilitate transportation. Raised lip edges facilitate nesting and stacking in small spaces.

Product Details:

  • Quality: Urban Boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic and have a lid and handle. Their adaptable form makes them ideal for extra storage across the house, office, and place of business.
  • Great for everyday organizing: Our plastic storage boxes are made to accommodate all of your home's storage requirements. They are perfect for organizing toys, clothes, shoes, kitchen items, books, school materials, tools, Christmas decorations, and more.
  • Efficient: Beautiful weaving effect design that is efficient. Storage bins nest when the lids are open and stack when the lids are closed.

Your things are kept tidy and safe by snap with lid, which has perforations that work with padlocks. The lids are sturdy enough to support stacking numerous units to make the best use of available space in garages, sheds, closets, offices, or other buildings. Many cutouts also permit the use of tie-down or bungee cord straps.

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