Heavy Duty 10 Pegs Woven Bird Protection Leaf Net, Black


Buy Pond Protection, Bird Repellent Fine Mesh Net Cover for Leaves

The Heavy Duty 10 Pegs Wove Bird Protection Leaf Net is the best way to protect your pond and fish from any flying predators. With its 10 fixing pegs, it's easy to assemble and fits all ponds.

The Heavy Duty 10 Pegs Woven Bird Protection Leaf Net is the perfect protection for your backyard pond. This life-saving net is knitted using resistant material and holds its strength against long hours in the sun. It comes in black, a color that goes with any décor, and is conveniently sized so it can be stored anywhere.

This netting is made from a durable and soft weave to protect your fruit trees, garden ponds, or anything else from birds without harming them. This product is suitable for any garden pond, water feature, or fruit tree.

Our pond net is designed to be very lightweight, easy to carry, and also not catch your fish. Our customers love the fact that it floats above the waterline so their fish can swim freely.

This heavyweight woven bird protection netting is made from 10 pegs that are tied together for extra stability. The weave is tight and offers good coverage, which makes it ideal for winter and autumn use when you want a secure cover to protect your beloved plants from frost, ice, and other winter weather conditions.

It comes in two different sizes 6x4M and 6x5M.

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