X-type 360 Rotating Microfiber Floor Mop Household Cleaning Tool


Buy floor cleaner mop online from 1Above today and enjoy the benefits of our product. It is a simple product to use. It can be used on multiple surfaces and is extremely durable.

Product Specifications of Cleaning Mop

  • Hands-free Kitchen Floor Mop: Cleaning hard floors like wooden floor, concrete floor, bamboo floor, marble floor, and numerous other floor types requires a great deal of difficult and active work. You can't get that perfect cleaning without twisting your back or contacting the messy cleaning cushion.
  • Headway in technology has settled this issue as now we have X Type Floor Mop that is of the latest technology. This level floor mop allows you to clean the floor easily.
  • Wring and Rinse Functionality: The 1Above is the best mop for marble floors as you will not have to hold, wring and clean the dirty marble floors. Our X Type Floor Mop has a wring and rinse feature that cleans and wrings the dirty mop on its own.
  • 360 Degrees Rotating Mop Head: This mop set has a long and strong mop handle with a 360-degree turning turn. When you twist it, it cleans away all the dirt and soil from every corner of the difficult regions like under the couch, cabinet, table, or in any sharp corner where you can't reach. Up to 180 degrees angle. Approx. 135cm long.
  • Reusable and Washable Microfibre Pad: This microfiber floor mop has an excellent microfiber cushion that is both safe for machine wash and reusable. Thus, investing money into this item is clearly a good idea as it is highly durable. The texture used in the pad is particularly intended to give wonderful liquid absorption and 100 percent successful cleaning. It comes with extra 3 microfiber pads so you will get 4 altogether.
  • Each microfiber pad is Approx 36x14cm.
  • Simple to Install: Available in bright packaging, this item is not difficult to install. A user manual will be provided with a step-by-step process of how to install it.

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