Size I Filter Cartridge for Swimming Pools and Spa


Buy Size I Filter Cartridge for Swimming Pools and Spa

  • Type I filter cartridge is to care for your swimming pool or hot tub cleaning. 
  • Inner diameter: 1.1 inches.Outer diameter: 3.11 inches,Total height: 3.5 inches. Filter Cartridge features ultra-fine heavy-duty paper with more pleats for better filtration.
  • the filter could make certain the water is pure and fresh. Helps Pool to get rid of build-up and debris by gathering pool slop. 
  • This spa filter cartridge efficiently extracts hair, leaves, dust, deposition, sand, etc. Powerful Filtration of the filter cartridge could make you enjoy safe relaxation time with your family and friends.
  • This filter cartridge is installed inside the filter pump and catches dirt as it gives via the procedure. This filter effectively grips dirt and is easy to clean. 
  • Simply pull the filter from the pump and flush off the dirt with a garden hose. Be cautious not to wipe roughly or use a high-pressure water spray as this can damage the filter paper.
  • Compatible with 300/330 gal/h (220-240 V) filter pumps
  • Should be replaced every 2-3 weeks