Oil Filled Radiator, 1000W Plug-in Portable Electric Heater, 3 Power Settings, Adjustable Temperature/Thermostat White


Product Specifications of Portable Electric Heater

Customize your Comfort - Find your ideal temperature be it low, medium, or high with an adjustable thermostat having 3 heat settings. You can achieve the perfect temperature by managing the machine through a dual knob control panel - 3 power settings on the inner knob and an adjustable thermostat on the outer knob.

1000W Radiator with Powerful Heating - A silent 5 oil-filled electric radiator with 1000 watts features powerful heating fins. It circulates hot air and quickly and efficiently heat the room of small to medium size space. 1Above heater perfect for home, office, bedroom, or living room. 

Portable Wheels and Handle - Pre-assembled with 4 easy roll castor wheels with side handles and cable tidy that is easy for movement. You can move around this portable electric heater to heat from room to room with minimal effort. Easy to move, easy to store! 

Compact Shape - It is designed in a unique compact shape that you are capable of using in different scenarios. Add this heater to any space and optimize your productivity with an energy-saving heater.

Low Energy Bills - This oil filled radiator heater allows you to set the program to automatically switch on and off. It lowers your energy bills and your household thermostat by selecting when you want the heater to run or to a cozy room without heating the entire room. Enjoy the peace of mind as it turns off if it becomes too hot. 

Super Quiet Operation - This Portable Electric Heater could bring constant warmth without annoying sounds of fans or any operation. It is suitable for any room you want and helps you enjoy a quiet and peaceful warm space. Don’t hesitate to buy an electric oil heater online from 1Above, it’s the best option to enjoy the warmth.

Durable and Maintenance - Free - It is designed with a high-quality patented steel assembly that is a permanently sealed oil reservoir. The best part is it never demands refilling, how great!

Safety Protection Feature - When you buy an oil filled radiator heater, go stress-free! When the temperature goes too high or it overheats, the radiator heater will automatically shut off the components for your safety. It is safe for daily use. In any unsafe situation, the safety tip-over switch at the base of the heater cuts the power off. 

Power Source Type - Corded-Electric 

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