Heated Blanket with 3 Heat settings, Detachable Controller, and Over Heat Protection, White


Product Specifications of Electric Heated Blanket

1. 3 Heating Levels:

This double-size electric heated blanket for the home/bedroom has 3 heat feature settings that you can adjust the temperature arbitrarily. It is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy. It has a controller with 3 heating settings that you can adjust the temperature for a better experience. 

2. Easy to Clean: 

The heated throw blanket is easy to wash with a hand by detaching the controller. It keeps your blanket hygiene, soft and durable. 

3. High Comfort Heated Blanket:

The heated high-quality blanket is 450gsm in polyester material so you make sure it is comfortable and long-lasting. It gives you premium comfort and is ideally perfect for a remarkable experience. The texture, warmth, and comfiness are perfect to relax your muscles and joints. Buy an electric throw blanket and get wrapped up for a cozy sleep on colder nights or any time of year.

4. Handy Detachable Controller:

For your convenience, a handy detachable controller is included with your heated blanket. Detach it so you can safely wash the blanket. Make sure to dry it completely before use. 

5. Indicating Light:

Do you fail to switch off? Don’t worry, the indicator light will alarm you when your heated blanket is ready to use. 

6. Ideal Gift:

It offers all ages a soothing experience in the winter months. A great gift to give to family members this holiday season is this heated under the blanket. Keep your chill away and it comes with a guarantee of 36 months of quality-related issues. 

7. Perfect Under a Blanket:

A heated blanket can suit your bed to keep warm. It is available in double & king-size electric blankets online and comes with secure corner ties so you can securely fit your mattress as a duvet cover. It completely stays in place.

8. Remote Control: 

It includes controlling options that you can set temperature as per your needs. Fully in control of body temperature.

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