Garden Pot, Terracotta, Ideal for Vegetable and Flowering Plants, Lightweight


Garden pot for plants, Plastic terracotta pots online, 1Above always works towards providing the best products to its customers. To that end we have tended to every need, don't hold back, we are the most ideal choice if you want to buy a garden pot terracotta. 

Regardless of their simple design, our lightweight terracotta pots have a beautiful look, proclaiming the beginning of Spring/Summer, as little buds begin showing up!

It is an ideal decorative plastic terracotta pots item for your room, kitchen, study or office space, work area, balcony, windowsill, and so on. It is a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas days, etc. It is a great idea for younger students to learn about plant planting. 

The kids can find out about nature, garden planting and really see their completed products toward the end! Everybody will adore them right away!

Our garden plant pots are produced using hard-wearing and strong plastic. Extraordinary for using it in greenhouse and planting regions. It is ideal for proliferating or planting and displaying plants and flowers.

Product Specifications of Garden Pots

  • Size dimensions: Item Dimensions- 19D x 19W x 17H centimeters; Item Weight: 0.02 Pounds; 3.0 L capacity.
  • Garden pot is ideal for Garden Pot is great for the development of cuttings, vegetables, and flowering plants. They are intended to work indoors as well as outdoors. 
  • Tough and sturdy material: It is made of solid polypropylene. It is made of solid and strong plastic. It is lightweight and easy to use limit - Garden Pot has a limit of 3L, 4L, 8L, 18L, and 31L. 

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