6 Rolls Heavy Duty Fragile Tape For Packing, 48mm x 66m


Buy Premium Quality Fragile Tape For Box Packing

Heavy Duty Fragile Tape is a strong adhesive fragile packing tape for sealing boxes and packing that is both strong and easy to remove once the package has arrived. 

High-quality adhesive tape is used on a variety of surfaces, such as cardboard, corrugated board, and other packaging materials. The tape is resistant to moisture, so it can be used in wet environments such as warehouses and business environments for e-commerce packaging.

  • Size:

48MM wide x 66M (Metre) long polypropylene rolls. Fragile parcel tape is 45 microns thick and can hold for long-lasting use, long-lasting holding power makes it ideal also for cartons that have an extended shelf life. The cardboard core is 3-inch making it suitable for most tape guns.

  • Made For Longevity

These heavy-duty rolls are made for longevity and you can store them for years without any loss of stickiness or strength. There is no need to worry about yellowing, even after being stored for years. This tape is perfect if you need it regularly or sporadically.

  • High-Quality Materials

The Heavy Duty fragile tape roll makes it easy to wrap up your items securely and can also be used for creating an impression as a branding tool. It has good adhesion to most types of cardboard, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty working environments.

This Fragile Tape is made of high-quality materials, and it has a high-resistance adhesive. This durable packing tape also features strong adhesion to most types of cardboard and excellent resistance to water, oil, and chemicals.

  • Easy To Unwind 

A pack of 6 rolls of high-quality Fragile packing tape, very easy to unwind with very low noise while being extremely strong and durable. Great Fragile packing tape doesn't have to be expensive.

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