Heavy Duty Black Pallet Wrap Cling Film, 17 Microns, 400MM x 250M


Buy Strong Water Proof Packaging Cling Film, Ideal for Packing, Moving Heavy Objects, Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap packaging in black when moving, wrapping packages, or wrapping luggage, Cling Film 400mm Wide 250m 17mu is excellent.

Product Details:

  • This black wrap is made of high-quality, durable cloth, allowing you to move objects fast and effectively without having to worry about them breaking or tearing while in use. Has a powerful stickiness. Roll of Pallet Wrapping Paper 250 Meters Long And 400mm Wide
  • This strong wrap cling film will help you to get the job done and protect all of your items so that at the conclusion of any movement or re-location - Your items will not only be dry but they will also stay clean saving you any additional jobs. This black wrap is perfect for moving furniture, moving household goods, or moving any other item that you want to keep clean while doing so.
  • This black wrap is extremely flexible, simple to unroll, and forms a tight seal around the wearer. The amount of active adhesive rises with stretching. When goods are being transported, security measures are taken to prevent water and moisture damage.
  • This black wrap is mostly used to wrap pallets, wrapping parcels, wrapping luggage, and furniture equipment to guarantee that your belongings are kept safe and secure when moving or relocating, lowering the possibility of losing or damage any goods. As a wonderful substitute for wiring, strapping, or taping, it also provides the added security of preserving the cleanliness, security, and dryness of your things.
  • Any job that needs to be completed, whether it be moving houses or anything else, you know that you have a good strong product to speed up the process and protect your items. This Black Wrap strong pallet stretched wrap gives you the confidence in knowing that your items are protected because the cling film is tear proof.

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